Appreciating the Details

April 12, 2017
Back in February I impulsively bought a plane ticket to visit my sister out in Arizona for a quick weekend adventure. She lives in Tucson, which is just a stone’s throw away from Mexico, but my sights were set on the attractions up north... Read More

Are Screening Interviews Actually Important?

December 08, 2016
It is not uncommon to submit a resume for an open position and be contacted by a third party instead of directly by the organization. Often times that initial contact with the interviewer is a quick, ten to fifteen minute conversation. You will... Read More

Your Office Says More Than You Realize

November 07, 2016
When I went to college and moved out of my parent’s house, I remember the first thing I did was paint the bedroom walls in my new home. I think it made me feel a sense of ownership over my room. I wanted what was within those four walls... Read More