Perks of a Good Vacation

August 10, 2017
As I sit here contemplating a second cup of coffee, I accept the need for a little extra caffeine as a way to get into a more productive headspace for the workday ahead. You see, I recently got back from a two week vacation and am suffering... Read More

Is Job Hopping the New Normal?

June 29, 2017
In just a few days, I will have my one year anniversary with Morrison and Company. In my opinion, that’s a milestone. I made it one year in a position unfamiliar to me. It stretched my comfort zone, made me take on responsibilities that... Read More

Appreciating the Details

April 12, 2017
Back in February I impulsively bought a plane ticket to visit my sister out in Arizona for a quick weekend adventure. She lives in Tucson, which is just a stone’s throw away from Mexico, but my sights were set on the attractions up north... Read More

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