A Week of Thankfulness

When asked to write a blog for the week of Thanksgiving, it’s nearly impossible to not reflect on all you’ve been given over the past year; reminding me that being thankful does not equal turkey art projects and cranberries but serves as a gentle nudge to outwardly express my gratitude. Many of us will gather around a dining room table in a couple of days and before digging into the famous bird and mashed potatoes, we will go around and offer a reflection of events or moments in the past year that have made us thankful.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s a few things on my list of things that make me thankful to be part of the Morrison team:

1. Our Team: Since last Thanksgiving, our team has grown tremendously. I’m thankful for the new and diversified work we’ve been given and simply to be a part of a growing business, but even more grateful to build new relationships and learn from such talented people. With every person we add, we learn of a new set of experiences, professional talents, and see different perspectives on life which benefits us all. Carolyn has opened our eyes to good coffee and beer (Check out her restaurants in town - Midtown Local and The Handle Bar); Shawn, originally from the Midwest, reminds us of all the things native Californians do differently; Janae still fields random car and renters insurance questions from us, harkening back to her prior experience with State Farm; and Jesse knows how to make everyone laugh and feel at ease, which is helpful when looming grant deadlines arise!

2. Our Clients: Though our work can sometimes be hours of looking at words or numbers on a screen, it is our clients who bring meaning and purpose to our careers. Whether it is helping a third generation family farm launch into a new business venture or collaborating with a nonprofit organization on a community project launch, our clients are some of the most brave and creative people I know. Working with diverse clients allows us a small role in their business, giving us widespread industry knowledge. That’s invaluable to me.

3. Our Chico Community: With clients around the country, our office could be headquartered anywhere, but even as we grow, we still hands-down choose Chico for a reason. With a thriving downtown, a gorgeous natural setting, and rice farms, almond/walnut orchards, and prune trees all around us, Chico is a special place, and Morrison is an even better company for being based here.

As I close, I want to pose one question and one idea to you with Thanksgiving just two days out:

1. What three things make you thankful this year to be with your current business?

2. Let’s make a point to express our gratitude outside of November as well. I challenge you to sit around the table, with people that mean something to you, at least four times in 2017 and share what makes you thankful. And I’ll do the same.

We, as all of Morrison, wish you a very happy holiday this week, one full of peace and gratitude.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Melody Beattie

About the Author
Toni Scott is the managing principal at Morrison. To get in touch with Toni, please find contact information for Morrison here.


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