CA Dept of Parks & Rec Announces Upcoming Grant Funding for Regional Parks & Rural Recreation

The California Department of Parks and Recreation’s Office of Grants and Local Services has opened the public review and comment period for the Regional Park grant program and the Rural Recreation and Tourism grant program until November 29, 2019.

How much funding will be available?
Upon legislative appropriation, each program is expected to have $25,125,000 available for eligible applicants. Applicants with multiple projects may submit multiple applications (one application per project site) requesting $200,000-$3,000,000. There is no cap to the number of grants an applicant may apply for or receive, so an applicant with multiple projects could receive more than $3,000,000.

When are applications due?
Application deadlines will be set after the finalization of the application guide. Applications will not be due in 2019. The deadline will be announced here for the Regional Park program and here for the Rural Recreation and Tourism program.

Who qualifies as an eligible applicant?
Regional Park Program: Counties, regional park and open-space districts, open-space authorities, and certain non-profit organizations.
Rural Recreation and Tourism Program: Cities, counties, and eligible districts in rural areas. Rural areas are defined as counties with a population of less than 500,000 or cities, towns, or unincorporated areas with fewer than 50,000 people.

What are eligible projects?
The most competitive projects will focus on creating new recreation features (such as those listed below), but projects may include acquiring recreational space and renovating existing recreational structures. The completed project should result in recreational opportunities that attract out-of-town visitors (outside a 20-mile radius) and support community economic and health-related goals.
Examples of recreations features include:
• Non-motorized trails and tracks (for bikes, pedestrians)
• Equestrian center/rodeo grounds
• Aquatic features
• Amphitheaters
• Regional sports complexes (including skate parks and rinks, gymnasiums, athletic fields and courts)
• Botanical or demonstration gardens and orchards
• Visitor, interpretive, cultural, and historical structures
• Open space and natural area for public recreation
• Outdoor gym equipment
• Picnic, playground, plaza, and gazebo areas
• Public Art
• Lighting or shade structures to extend use of a recreation feature
Restrooms, snack shacks, parking lots, landscaping, and general lighting are considered major support amenities, which may receive grant funding but should not be the entire focus of the project.

Is a match required?
No match is required for the Regional Park program; the grant may fund the entire project.
For Rural Recreation and Tourism grants, no match is required if the project site’s area has a median household income of $51,026 or less. For project sites with a median household income over $51,026, applicants must provide at least 20% of the total project cost. To determine a project site’s median household income, use the California State Parks Community FactFinder.

Are there other requirements?
Grantees must ensure operation and maintenance of the project site for 30 years.

Where can I learn more?
For the Regional Park Program, read the draft application guide or visit the webpage.
For the Rural Recreation and Tourism Program, read the draft application guide or visit the webpage.

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