Why does the farm bill matter?

When it comes to understanding the nuances of a farm bill, even the most knowledgeable farmers/ industry experts/.gov employees have trouble separating what’s up from down. So, we thought we’d dedicate this short…

Viral on Social Media!

Morrison & Company goes viral! Like and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Learn about our daily lives, mishaps at work, fun adventures, and our interactions with clients, fun industry…

Love at First Crush

OlivesThis past weekend the Morrison & Company team had the opportunity to take part in Pacific Farms and Orchard's Love at First Crush event in Gerber, California.

Pacific Farms and Orchards, a

Roberti Ranch Solar Ribbon Cutting

Jane Roberti, Stacy Kennedy of Morrison & Company, and Dave RobertiOn Friday the Morrison & Company team had the wonderful opportunity to head to Sierra County in Northeast California to celebrate Roberti Ranch and the official unveiling of their 500 kilowatt…

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