Celebrate National Raisin Day!

Now, you may think that today is just April 30th, but I assure you, it is far more than that!

This morning I informed my 14 month old son, Cody that today is NATIONAL RAISIN DAY. You can see by his expression that he was pretty excited to hear that news. Last year at this time he was just too young to partake in the delightful little wrinkly wonders of the former grape, now raisin world.

According to Punchbowl, raisins first became commercially popular in the US when a heat wave destroyed acres of California grape vines. One creative entrepreneurial grower decided to market them as a “Peruvian delicacy”. Today, California produces half of the world’s raisin supply.

But, is our beloved raisin in danger?

According to industrial food broker S. Kamberg & Co., the August 2012 raisin estimate indicated raisin-type variety grape forecasts would be down 13.4% compared to the previous year and was shaping up to be the smallest crop since 2006.

What does that mean for you, the raisin loving consumer?

It means you better get to your cabinet, grab a handful of these healthy, tasty treats while you can! One of our beloved clients, Fresno Cooperative Raisin Growers sells delicious chocolate covered raisins, among their other candy coated raisin products. Grab your favorite snack and celebrate NATIONAL RAISIN DAY!


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