“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
-J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

My oldest son loves the Harry Potter novels, and J.K. Rowling’s characters embody the above quote – it is their choices throughout the novels that poignantly reveal who they truly are. Similarly for us, each day is made up of hundreds of choices – choices for excellence over mediocrity, to be kind or snarky, to be engaged or withdrawn, to be faithful or irresponsible, to be others-oriented or self-oriented, among a myriad of others; and, it is also these choices that show who we truly are. I’ve been spending some time reflecting on the reality that we lead out of who we are (at work and at home) in the midst of these innumerable and often seemingly insignificant daily choices. This reflection has prompted personal reflection that I invite you to consider along with me.

  • What do my daily interactions with my colleagues reveal about my leadership and my values? Am I present and engaged or distracted and unaware? Am I pleasant or irritable?
  • What do my daily interactions with my direct reports say about my leadership and my values? Do they demonstrate that I value and respect them? Do I listen to understand? Am I approachable or arrogant?
  • What do my daily choices about my work product reflect? Do my choices reflect the value I place on my work and my company? If not, why?
  • Are there discrepancies between what I want to reveal and what my choices actually communicate about my values and leadership?
  • What are concrete ways I can practice making different choices to more accurately reflect the values I want to live out?

Choices…what do the little choices you make each day reveal to those in your workplace about who you are, your values, and how you lead? May we approach our daily choices intentionally, seeking to grow in alignment between what we want our lives to reflect and what our choices actually reveal about who we are and what we value.

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Hilary Tricerri is a consultant with Morrison, working primarily in our Grants practice. To get in touch with Hilary, please find contact information for Morrison here.


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