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I was talking with my dad about this minimalist movement that is growing in popularity every day. It’s theme is essentially about selling your extra belongings that aren’t necessary for daily life. I told my dad I thought this was an interesting idea; and while I could never be that extreme, it’d be nice to lighten the load in my own house. He kind of chuckled and said to me, “You’d never be able to do that, honey, you like your creature comforts.”

It’s so true, I do love my creature comforts. Looking at my desk now, I have a little painted elephant and a mini snow globe of the Taj Mahal. These little figurines make my work space feel cozier, and my whole house is like that too. My friend always comment on my cozy house, and that is a huge compliment for me. I believe being comfortable is important, and a lot of companies are starting to recognize this as well. Companies like Google,, and Facebook are all providing their employees an opportunity to get cozy/comfortable. From pool tables and slides to endless donuts (and even office dogs!), companies are starting to offer creature comforts to boost employee morale.

According to Financial Times’ “Warsaw millennials want creature comforts,” KPMG moved its office from the Warsaw Trade Center to the Gdanski Business Centre in Warsaw, Poland. Their move was partially motivated in order to create a greater work space for their employees, which now boasts bigger kitchens and a rooftop terrace. Per the American Pet Products Association’s recent study, 1 in 5 companies allow dogs in the work place. The study found that it encourages creativity, productivity, and teamwork; all while helping reduce stress and absenteeism.

Clearly, some of these methods are working. Creature comforts make people happy, and happy people are likely to remain committed and productive at their jobs. Which is what keeps a business moving forward, right? As an employee, take a look around and find what makes you happy, what encourages you, and what motivates you. Fill your life with that, both at work and in your home. As an employer, study your team. Learn what each person enjoys, what boosts their creativity, and promotes productivity. Then fill your office with it, watch your team and your business blossom. Get cozy!

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