Danger, Danger!

You wouldn’t think the work we do at Morrison could be hazardous to our health, but I assure you, there are dangers lurking around every corner!

Of the service lines we offer at Morrison, the one I like the most is conducting feasibility studies. It is so interesting to take an idea an organization has, and through research, studying the market, doing surveys, talking to other companies in the industry, etc., help them craft a project into one with the highest likelihood for success.

I’m currently working on a project to assess the feasibility of starting a creamery to offer farm fresh organic dairy products like milk, half and half, frozen yogurt and cheese.

Related to this project, yesterday our client and I had a call with Anthony Ambrosio and Lamar Schrock with Dairy Heritage (a leading provider of equipment for milk processing and cheese making). Anthony mentioned that hard packed frozen yogurt has a relatively small market demand in comparison to soft serve frozen yogurt.

As a result of that conversation, today I spent time researching soft serve frozen yogurt – assessing what people were accustomed to paying, what type of equipment was necessary, etc., (I love this stuff!).

Remember when I said there were dangers lurking around every corner?

Enter dangerous corner.

As a result of researching frozen yogurt today, “fro yo” became lodged firmly in my mind, requiring a stop at the frozen yogurt shop on the way home. With my 2 year old son excitedly sitting on the benches in the store, I headed to the dispensers with my 7 month old baby girl attached to my front via carrier (kind of like this…only without the hat):

As I attempted to fill one of the sample cups, I lost grip of it and managed to drop it upside down onto Elizabeth’s head…then it proceeded to roll down the back of her head, leaving a white sticky trail of frozen yogurt delight all over the back of her head. Cody, my 2 year old, thought this was the most hysterical thing ever. For a moment, I just stood there, shocked, embarrassed, then laughing at what my life has become. By day, a professional consultant with years of business experience. By night, a mom of two living in chaotic entertainment.

So, yes. The work we do at Morrison can be dangerous at times…but, somebody has got to do it!


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