Ahoj, (Slovakian)
Hoy es Cinco de Mayo (Spanish). Prosím ospravedlňte (Slovak), pero hablo un poco español también (Spanish), y’all (English?). Shakran Gidan (Arabic). Gott segne dich (German).

(Hello, today is May 5th. Excuse me, but I speak a little Spanish too, everyone. Thanks a lot. God bless you.)

Diversity. In my family, we celebrate the cultural differences we are blessed to be a part of - my Slovakian daughter-in-law, Mexican daughter-in-law, my Arab-African American sons and daughter, and my German husband. Although we come together from different places, we speak one universal language, love. Love for our God, families, friends, and our country. Language can be a powerful expression of what others mean to us.

Part of my daily responsibilities at Morrison is to greet and serve clients, friends, and neighbors who arrive at my desk. Not all are the same. In fact, very few are similar at all. Whether they are clients with appointments, salesmen looking for opportunities or neighbors selling cookies, they are all looking for the same thing when they walk through our door. Not only is it important for me to welcome them, but I want to demonstrate that we, as a company, really value their time and appreciate their desire to be with us.

It’s essential to provide excellent client service for all of us. In my role, I don’t just point in the direction of the meeting, but I escort them to the room, correct the lighting, and assist in finding seating. Whether it be for external friend and clients or internal colleagues, the values are the same. We treat each other with respect, celebrating our diverse backgrounds, and choose to learn and grow from one another. I hope those reading this can feel encouraged to do the same at your own places of work or at home.

Have fun with this! Leave us a comment about your lineage and roots too. Where does your family hail from?
Au revoir! (French Cajun parents).


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