FAFCO Solar Water Heating

Brent Morrison enjoying a tour of FAFCOMorrison recently had the opportunity to meet with the amazing team at FAFCO, the oldest and largest solar thermal manufacturer in the United States.

FAFCO, based in Chico, California, has developed revolutionary solar water heating technology, which uses unglazed polymer solar collectors to capture the sun's energy. The energy collected is used in a FAFCO solar hot water system which feeds into a company's existing boiler and water supply to pre-heat water.

FAFCO's technology is able save customers considerable energy costs and with assistance from the California Solar Initiative and other sources, FAFCO estimates that users can experience a three to four year payback on investment. Long known for their swimming pool heater applications, FAFCO sees this technology assisting residential and business owners alike, with a particular benefit for large users of water like food processors. FAFCO's first large industrial installation is set for later this fall at a Butte County, California, dried fruit processor.

Morrison is delighted to be a part of the conversation as FAFCO is rolling out this new technology and we'll post updates on this blog as new developments emerge. Congrats FAFCO!


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