Finding The Right Fit

Before coming to Morrison I spent some time really thinking about what the ideal work place was for me. I was trying to find the right fit. I’ve held many jobs in the past, some in great companies and some not so great, some with exceptional people and some not, some in a position I loved and others not so much. I realized that I needed to truly see what would make me happy all around and find that job. Let’s face it, job searching isn’t fun and going through the interview process is even worse.

As I started my brainstorming for the ‘right fit’ I had to ask myself some tough questions: What am I looking for? What type of company do I want to work for? What type of people to I want to spend all my time with? What type of work do I want to do? How much money do I want/need to make? And what kind of hours do I want to work? I’m sure there are many more questions that I could have asked myself but this was my list.

Once I had my list I realized that I needed to prioritize the questions. Some areas were much more important than others. I also realized that at different stages in life these priorities change. To my surprise I’ve come to realize that although money is important and it is important to everyone, it was not at the top of my list. I knew I couldn’t go below my need but my wants in other areas outweighed my financial want. I’ve gone many years thinking that I could do any job if the price was right but have come to realize that the saying is true “money can’t buy you happiness”.

Finding that right fit was an adventure all in itself but I found if you are patient enough and search in the right areas, it is possible. A friend directed me to Morrison and through many discussions with Brent and Geoff (and I mean many) I’ve found my ‘right fit’. The people here at Morrison are amazing, the work is diverse and fun, the clients are wonderful, work-life balance is perfect for me and to add the price was right.

Are you having trouble finding your ‘right fit’? Maybe it is time to do your own brainstorming. Make your own list of questions and find out what the ‘right fit’ looks like for you. You may be surprised as I was with your results. And you never know you may just find that ‘right fit’ on the Morrison careers link.


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