USDA Pilots the Farm Labor Stabilization & Protection Program

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Farm Service Agency is accepting applications for the Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot Program with funding levels ranging from $25,000 to $2,000,000 and a total funding availability of up to $65 million. Applications are due by November 28, 2023.

What is the purpose of the Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot (FLSP) program?  This program aims to improve food and agricultural supply chain resiliency by addressing challenges agricultural employers face with labor shortages and instability by seeking to advance the following goals:

  • Goal 1: Drive U.S. economic recovery and safeguard domestic food supply by addressing current labor shortages in agriculture;
  • Goal 2: Reduce irregular migration from Northern Central America through the expansion of regular pathways; and
  • Goal 3: Improve working conditions for all farmworkers.

Who are eligible applicants for this program?  Eligible applicants must be domestic agricultural employers who:  

  1. Anticipate meeting all Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security regulatory requirements for the H-2A program, including demonstrated effort to effectively recruit U.S.-based workers and hire all willing, able, and qualified U.S. workers; and
  2. Commit to, and indicate capacity to fulfill all Baseline Requirements, as well as any selected worker benefits and protections outlined in Supplemental Employee Commitments sections of the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NFO).

This includes fixed-site employers, joint-employers, agricultural associations, and H-2A labor contractors.

What are eligible FLSP project types? The FLSP includes three award levels, with increasing funding levels that reflect a higher level of commitment to working conditions for farmworkers.

Baseline Award projects entail a minimal level of commitment. This includes providing universal protections and benefits for all agricultural employees; participation in FLSP (confidential) research and reporting; and participation in Know Your Rights and Resources (KYRR) access and training; and responsible recruitment, as detailed on Page 8-9 of the NFO.

By committing to additional employee benefits and protections, applicants may submit a more competitive Silver or Platinum application for a higher award. Commitments are detailed on Page 10-11 of the NFO delineating the differences between a Silver or Platinum project, and are summarized below.

  • Responsible Recruitment: Hiring and recruiting through government-led recruitment from North Central American countries;
  • Pay, Benefits and Working Conditions: Offering overtime pay, bonus payment, paid sick leave, a weekly housing maintenance plan, among others; and  
  • Partnership Agreements: Participating in a Worker-driven Social Responsibility program; participating in a Collective Bargaining Agreement; and/or committing to neutrality, access, and voluntary recognition. 

What are the FLSP award levels? The table below lists the range of award amounts based on the desired award level and the total number of full-time equivalent (FTEs) agricultural workers employed by the applicant (and sub-awardees).

Award Amount

1-10 FTEs

11-25 FTEs

26-75 FTEs

76-200 FTEs

201-500 FTEs

501-2000 FTEs

2001 + FTEs


























What are allowable project costs? This project will fund costs related to hiring and onboarding US and H-2A workers; operations and labor costs (i.e. wages, business and administrative costs related to compliance, etc.); housing maintenance plan costs including rental costs of land and space; and contractor and travel costs.

Is cost share required? There is no cost sharing or matching requirement for this opportunity.

What is the project and award timeline? Applications are due by November 28, 2023 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Grant awards are expected to be announced in early 2024 and will have a project period of up to 24 months. 

The full Notice of Funding Opportunity can be found here.

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