From Brent’s Desk: Optimizing your weekend


Forbes magazine recently ran a piece titled “14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends” that touted the following:


1. Make time for family and friends

2. Exercise

3. Pursue a passion

4. Vacation

5. Disconnect

6. Volunteer

7. Avoid chores

8. Plan

9. Socialize

10. Gardening/crafts/games/sports/cooking/cultural activities

11. Network

12. Reflect

13. Meditate

14. Recharge


That doesn’t leave much except work, and I could make an argument for that under number 3.


Numbers 5 and 7 have their appeal, though the latter is too risky to try too often around my house. Though to be fair, time spent doing yard chores is also one of my best opportunities to indulge in a little 5, 8, 12, or 13, for which I substitute prayer. I look forward to my 1, 6, and 9 time, though 9 is about as close as I get to 11 on my day off. I wouldn’t mind some 4 now and then, which would sure help with the 14. I admit a little 2 wouldn’t hurt me now and then either, but the occasional 10 is as close as I get most days.


And now you know how search engine optimization works. Sure it was annoying to have to hop all over to get the whole picture, but I made you look didn’t I?


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