Assisting California Companies in Expanding Export Sales

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), in coordination with the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) provides reimbursement for promotional trade activities for small food and agricultural businesses wishing to expand market share and sales in foreign countries – effectively doubling marketing dollars.

FundMatch offers a 50% reimbursement for eligible international marketing and promotional activities. Eligible activities can include trade shows (domestic/foreign); advertising; retail promotions; printed sales material; seminars; translation and more. Food and agricultural based businesses interested in or currently exporting are encouraged to participate.

Funding Levels:

  • First Year Applicants who are new-to-export companies: $2,500-$25,000
  • First Year Applicants who are experienced exporters: $2,500-$50,000
  • Returning Applicants with one+ years in FundMatch: $2,500-$300,000

Company Eligibility:

  • Your company has to be headquartered in the WUSATA region (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA and WY).
  • Your company has to be a “small “company. See definition here.
  • Your company needs to be a U.S. business entity
  • You need to check to see if WUSATA is the right Market Access Program (MAP) Cooperator for your company. Some specific agricultural commodities have reimbursement programs through other MAP Cooperators and you’ll need to apply for funding through those Cooperators first.

Product Eligibility:

  • Are your ingredients from the US?
    • Products need to contain at least 50% US grown ingredients by weight (excluding water and packaging). Examples include: consumer food products, fresh produce, snack foods, condiments, sauces, specialty food items, beverages, some wood products, hides and skins, pet foods, ornamental horticulture, and more.
  • Does your company own a brand name product?
    • The company either owns the brand of the product and all property rights to its name or has a sole agency agreement with the owner of the brand to utilize FundMatch dollars to promote the branded products in the country market(s) identified in the approved Marketing Plan.
  • Do your products have a valid US origin statement?
    • As a program to promote the export of US goods, all product labels, promotional materials and advertising needs to have an eligible printed US origin statement.

WUSATA accepts applications year-round. There is a great promotional video about the FundMatch program here. You can find the full application package here.

For more information on this grant or how to apply with Morrison's assistance, please contact the Morrison Grants Team by email at or call us at 530.893.4764.


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