Help for South Dakota’s Family Ranchers

A massive early blizzard hit western South Dakota this month, causing massive losses to cattle ranchers, most of them family operations. The cattle had not yet grown the heavy coats that protect them during the winter and were soaked by freezing rain, then buried in up to four feet of snow.

Tens of thousands of cattle suffocated or froze to death, possibly up to 100,000. The South Dakota Stock Growers Association estimates that 15 to 20% of all cattle were killed in parts of the state, with some ranchers losing more than half of their herds.

Morrison has been proud to serve the South Dakota Farmers Union for several years and are deeply saddened by these losses and the resulting impact on families who depend on ranching for their livelihood. We invite all supporters of farmers and family businesses everywhere to join us in donating to the South Dakota Rancher Relief Fund at

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