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The New Year feels like it should usher in change and for many there are high hopes for 2021. It makes sense to bank on 2021 being a better year given the one we just had. But, no matter what we experienced in the year prior, the New Year is always a turning point. It’s that fresh start. That date on the calendar. That deadline we’ve given ourselves. We’ve convinced ourselves that the New Year is some magical point in time, and only during that time can we actively transform ourselves, our lives, and our situations for the better.

Like many, I’ve fed into this notion most of my life. I come up with a New Years’ resolution only to fail by spring, if I’m lucky enough to make it that far. But last year a new idea was presented to me. A friend of mine told me her New Years’ resolution was to pick a simple word that she could live out in many ways of her life. Her word was “Health”. She could focus on mental health, physical health, relational health, healthy work life balance, etc. The point was that health, in all of its forms, would be at the forefront of her mind as she made decisions. So, taking a page out of her book I chose the word “Discipline”, and for 365 days I worked on being disciplined in various aspects of my life…eating smaller portions, spending less, exercising with my dog more… What made this feel more attainable was that I wasn’t aiming to diet every day or exercise every day, but rather be disciplined in some way every day.

Last year made it easy to slow down in my busy life, which I view as the silver lining of 2020, but it also made me withdraw into my own world. Rather than seeking people or taking initiative on projects, I sat comfortable in my home waiting to be let out again. My approach to the world became passive. Recognizing this, I have chosen the word “Intentional” for 2021. I want to make purposeful and deliberate decisions this year. With intent as my goal and discipline as my foundation, I want to actively pursue my work and show the people in my life they are loved and they are important.

After a year of focusing on discipline, it’s become more of a natural instinct rather than a daily choice. Which is the goal of New Years’ resolutions, right? To make those resolutions a part of our daily lives, not just something we force ourselves to do. By 2022, I hope my choice to be intentional becomes an instinct and that I may continue to serve my work and people well. So I challenge you, whether you start now, days from now, or even months from now, to pick a word you can focus on for 365 days.

What’s your word?

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