Inauguration Day

We don’t really discuss politics in the office here. I’m sure you can imagine why – it’s just never that good of an idea. We all know the subject of politics kind of fits in with that gross sinus surgery your Grandma meticulously describes or how exactly uncle Leroy got his kill on that recent hunting trip while everyone is eating dinner. These topics just aren’t good table talk. However, tomorrow is an important day for our country as an inauguration literally means a ceremony to mark the beginning of something whether it be a person, team, season, or set of priorities. I used to live in Washington, DC and “endured” a couple of inaugurations, as most DC-ers equate the day simply to impossible traffic and metal, temporary fences EVERYWHERE. However, having a little distance from the infrastructure set-up and break-down, I can see some real parallels to where I sit today with what the nation will see tomorrow, and that excites me.

"The week, in watercolor."Courtesy of artist, Lisa Shirk (@lisatshirk)

Here are some things exciting me in the hustle and bustle of January’s changes. We, too, have transitioned our Managing Principals’ leadership roles this month, we’ve acquired awesome new talent (see her and him here) this past year who already have staff-approved rave reviews, and we’re constantly brainstorming ways to innovate and grow in helping solve our client’s toughest problems (check out the full team here!). Even though we’re in the business of anticipating and managing change, it still can be a lot to handle. We want to soar confidently into our own newest season and also not forget to look over our shoulder, turn, and thank 2016 for the opportunities afforded to us. We were blessed by many.

The value that stands out to me most this week – both in my work and in my country is that we are a people/and a business who believe in being able to freely express and act upon our values, our ideas are taken into serious consideration, and we treat one another with kindness and respect irrelevant of our differences. Everyone has room to grow in these areas but if we maintain them as a basis for the kind of people we want to be, I firmly believe we’ll only improve and develop better personal lives, be a more efficient employee, make a stronger city resulting in a healthier state, and thus, achieving an honorable country. Call me an optimist but in times like these, it’s our duty to believe we can and will be better.

Happy Inauguration Day!


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