New grant funding opportunities

The New Year has brought with it a number of new grant funding opportunities.

We've included a roundup of some of the programs currently accepting applications below. If you are interested in learning more about the grant opportunities or Morrison's grant writing services, feel free to give the Morrison contact person listed for each program a call, or contact any member of the Morrison team.

Oregon Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Program Purpose: To enhance the competitiveness of US specialty crops in either domestic or foreign markets.

Eligible Entities: Non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, local, state and federal government entities, including tribal governments, and public and private colleges and universities for proposals that solely benefit the production of and access to Oregon specialty crops.

Eligible Grant Expenses: Market research, market testing, promotional activities at trade shows, direct marketing activities, certification programs addressing food safety/sustainability, implementing workforce training programs, etc.

Due Date: February 24, 2015 (for concept proposals)

Maximum Funding Limit: $100,000

Match: 1:1 match highly preferred but not required.

Morrison Contact: Morrison Grants Team by email at or call us at 530-893-4764.

Florida Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Program Purpose: Provide funding for projects which solely enhance the competitiveness of Florida's specialty crops.

Eligible Entities: Non-profit organizations, producer organizations, government agencies, universities, and other organizations related to Florida's specialty crop industry. Individuals, individual producers, for-profit businesses, or commercial entities may submit proposals. However, the project must focus on research, education, or demonstration and must benefit the specialty crop industry in a manner that can be adequately replicated by other organizations.

Eligible Grant Expenses: Projects which expand child and adult knowledge of nutritional benefits, improve access, and increase consumption for Florida specialty crops. Projects which increase sales and marketability and drive demand for commercially-grown specialty crops. Projects to bolster local food systems, such as "buy local produce" programs for schools, prisons, hospitals, restaurants, businesses, and others as well as increased specialty crop sales for community supported agriculture organizations. Projects to help specialty crop growers reduce the financial cost and/or environmental impact of their operations, including improved pest and disease management techniques, efficient water management, integrated pest management, organic / sustainable production, native plant horticulture, protected agriculture, and others.

Due Date: February 27, 2015 (for concept proposals)

Maximum Funding Limit: No set funding limit. 2014 awards ranged from $13,000 to $290,000. Dependent on project.

Match: Preferred, but not required.

Morrison Contact: Morrison Grants Team by email at or call us at 530-893-4764.

Rural Energy for America Program

Program Purpose: Provide agricultural producers and rural small businesses with grants and loan guarantees for the development and construction of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvement projects.

Eligible entities: Agricultural producers and rural small businesses.

Eligible Expenses: Renewable energy systems (bio-energy, anaerobic digesters, geothermal, solar, wind) and energy efficiency improvements.

Due Date: April 30, 2015

Maximum Funding Limit: 25% of eligible project costs (up to $500,000 in grant funding; no limit on total project cost).

Match: 75% of eligible project costs.

Morrison Contact: Morrison Grants Team by email at or call us at 530-893-4764.

Small Business Innovation Research, Phase II

Program Purpose: Stimulating technological innovation in the private sector, strengthening the role of small businesses in meeting Federal research and development needs, increasing private sector commercialization of innovations derived from USDA-supported research and development efforts and fostering and encouraging participation by women-owned and socially and economically disadvantaged small business firms in technological innovation.

Eligible entities: Only small businesses that have been awarded a successful Phase I SBIR grant are eligible to apply.

Eligible Expenses: Expenses related to Phase II of research project, including salaries and wages, travel, and consulting fees.

Due Date: February 27, 2015

Maximum Funding Limit: $500,000

Match: Cost sharing is not required nor will it be an evaluation factor in considering the competitive merit of applications submitted.

Morrison Contact: Morrison Grants Team by email at or call us at 530-893-4764.


As always, if you are interested in learning more about any of these grant opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact the Morrison Grants Team.

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