Morrison attends California Biodiesel Conference

Earlier this month, Morrison had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual California Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Conference in Las Vegas, NV hosted by the California Biodiesel Alliance (CBA).

Photo Credit: Tina Caparella, Editor, Render Magazine (RENDER is published bi-monthly in association with the National Renderers Association as a public service to the North American and global rendering industry).

The conference included a full day of presentations that touched on market opportunities, feedstock research, collaboration issues and compliance. With about 100 participants, businesses from California and elsewhere that represented both biofuel producers and supporting service/goods providers were in attendance.

Two of our favorite co-attendees were David Levenson, Founder and Drew Pekarek from the San Francisco based company Got Grease:

Photo Credit: Tina Caparella, Editor, Render Magazine

Got Grease plays an important role in the biofuel world by offering bay area restaurants a cost effective, environmental alternative to disposing of their used cooking grease. That grease is then sent to a facility where it is converted to biofuel.

California is considered a pioneer in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to CBA, biodiesel derived from waste can reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 80%. Accordingly, the California Energy Commission has an annual program budget of $100 million and is charged with using those funds to support a number of programs that both increase the amount of biofuel created within the state of California as well as improve vehicle technologies to increase the number of alternative fuel vehicles.

Morrison has completed multiple projects in the alternative energy arena, including feasibility studies, business planning and competitive grants. Last year, we assisted Springboard Biodiesel in an application to the California Energy Commission. The application received the highest score in its category and was featured on Page 3 of our Summer 2012 newsletter found here . We look forward to helping clients with their applications with the next round (expected to be announced in April).


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