Morrison Writes Feature for Render Magazine

Morrison consultants Stacy Kennedy and Toni Scott recently teamed up to write a feature article in Render Magazine, a magazine serving the North American and global rendering industry.

North State Rendering’s website defines animal rendering as “the process of breaking down inedible waste animal products, with heat and pressure, into sterile byproducts, such as fat and proteins, that can be incorporated into use by many industries”.

Last year, Morrison attended the California Biodiesel Renewable Diesel Conference (see blog article). There we met Tina Caparella, editor for Render Magazine and spoke about a $5.4 million matching grant that North State Rendering had received from the California Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel Vehicle Technology Program.

Morrison has written grant proposals for California Energy Commission programs in the past, and that sparked a conversation about an issue featuring an article about North State Rendering’s new anaerobic digestion facility and another article about how companies can benefit from government grant funding, even when they’re not the grant applicant.

Drum roll, please…….

A year later, a conversation between two strangers turned into a physical reality. Render Magazine’s February 2014 issue featured an article by Morrison consultants titled “Snagging a Government Grant” that was published in conjunction with the article “Renderer Meets Anaerobic Digestion”.


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