Morrison’s 2015 Fall Newsletter Available Online

Our Fall newsletter hit mailboxes last week, but if you missed it, you can still read it online! We love writing it and sharing it, because it is a great way to share our clients’ success stories and to keep in touch. When we’re drafting our newsletter, we usually have a creative lightbulb switch on, because we realize, “Hey! We did that for them… maybe it could help this client over here too?” And it usually works. We hope you’ll give it a read today to see what innovative solutions may apply for you too!

You’ll find in this issue:

  • ChicoBag’s story and their careful environmental stewardship in reducing waste and single-use plastic bags. And how Morrison got to be involved!
  • Our work has been growing, and we’re excited to announce a new Principal promotion! Congratulations to Toni Scott – a deserving advancement for her unparalleled success in grant writing and administration. Have a grant you’re looking into?
  • And a personal thought from Brent on your business differentiation and what the future looks like for your work. Does the thought excite you or afflict you?

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