Morrison’s Communication Platform

We recognize that some may prefer to stay up to date with certain areas of our business but not others. This platform will allow you to customize how you hear from us by receiving emails related to the specific topic areas you want to see. These will include: 

  • Morrison Monthly and General Announcements - We will provide general announcements and monthly updates on the latest Morrison news. 
  • Grants Monthly - Already a regular email list, Grants Monthly will continue to update you on the latest federal and state funding opportunities for your organization. 
  • People Monthly - A new email series designed to provide you with the latest resources and insights related to executive recruiting, organizational development, interim and outsource human resources, human resources advisement and compliance, and mission development and strategic planning. 
  • Recruitment Announcements - We will continue to announce our latest client recruitment opportunities and provide a detailed description of the available position that may be a fit for you or someone in your network. 

If you wish to subscribe to a specific list or unsubscribe from any of the above lists, please send an email to


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