Perks of a Good Vacation

As I sit here contemplating a second cup of coffee, I accept the need for a little extra caffeine as a way to get into a more productive headspace for the workday ahead. You see, I recently got back from a two week vacation and am suffering from what some would call “post-vacation blues.” I guess there could be worse things to be suffering from though, huh? As I tell stories and share photos from my travels, many say they need/want a vacation. A survey conducted by Skift indicated “nearly 42 percent of Americans do not take any vacation days.” Come again? If you are one of those 42 percent, this blog is for you.

As if I need further incentive to travel, but the fact that there are health benefits associated with stepping away from my desk and hitting the “out of office” button on my email are pretty good ones! Let me share with you what Huffington Post states as the significant health benefits to taking a vacation and then, my friend, pack your bags, and go!

Decreases stress: Pretty self-explanatory, relaxation equals less stress.

Promotes a healthy heart: That’s right! It’s not all about eating healthy and exercising routinely. Studies show that both men and women’s risk of developing heart disease decreases in those that take vacations regularly.

Betters your mental health: According to a study done, “people felt less tense and healthier while on vacation, with higher energy levels and more life satisfaction.” Going to your “happy place” should not be a figment of your imagination, but actually go to your happy place!

Strengthens relationships: Taking a vacation with friends or family allows for a deeper bond to develop between you and your loved ones. Memories are made, laughter is shared, and a deeper fulfillment from those relationships is gained.

What a deal! As I read those health benefits, I concluded that decreasing stress is probably the most important of them all. It is my assumption the other health benefits are a direct result from less stress and anxiety. Oh, and an added bonus for organizations whose employees take vacation time is “higher productivity, stronger workplace morale, and greater employee retention.”

So, have I convinced you to cash in some of that PTO? I hope so! Meanwhile I’ll be taking notes from “5 Simple Ways to Beat Your Post-Vacation Blues” and sipping on that second cup of coffee.

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