Reflecting on Five Years with Morrison

Back in August, my wife and I spent a week in the Bend, OR-area celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. As I reflected on all the adventures that those five years have brought (including our two adorable daughters), I couldn’t help but also think about the changes I’ve seen at Morrison during that time. My first day with Morrison was about three weeks after our wedding, so it’s hard to think of one anniversary without thinking of the other. To celebrate my fifth anniversary with MoCo, I thought I’d share my five favorite things about working at Morrison.

Seeing a Client’s Product at the Grocery Store. From the first time I worked with California Olive Ranch shortly after I joined the team, this has been one of my favorite aspects about working with clients in the food and ag industry. It still hasn’t gotten old.

Free Food! Whether it’s a free sample that a client or prospect sends you home with or the snacks and microwave meals that Jeannette stocks in our kitchen, free food is always a good thing.

Family Atmosphere. From the start, Brent has placed a strong emphasis on company culture. Between the annual company barbecue, the Christmas luncheon, and the dozens of other events throughout the year, our families are treated like they are part of the team. My wife’s favorite perk is the “MoCo Meals” program instituted earlier this year that allows us to take a co-worker and his/her significant other out to dinner once a month on the company’s dime.

Relationships with Clients. As part of the Interim/Outsource work that I do, I get to spend a good amount of time on-site with the clients who I work with. When these projects turn into long-term, ongoing engagements, as they have with Gorrill Ranch and Pacific Farms & Orchards, I feel like I have become as much a part of their team as I am a part of the MoCo team (especially when they invite me to their summer barbecues and Christmas parties).

Growing with the Company. When I joined Morrison, I was the 4th full-time professional on the team. At that time, our primary services were Interim/Outsource and Grants, and we had roughly one quarter the office space that we have now. Now we have 11 full-time staff (and looking to add more), have added Recruitment as a service area (with plans of adding more services in the near future), and are quickly outgrowing our current office space. We clearly haven’t hit our ceiling yet, and I’m excited to see where we will be five years from now.

About the Author 
Tim Peters is a consultant with Morrison, working primarily in our Business & Accounting Advisory practice. To get in touch with Tim, please find contact information for Morrison here.


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