Springboard Biodiesel Grand Opening

Yesterday, the Morrison team had the chance to celebrate the grand opening of the first commercial small scale, closed loop, biodiesel production and fueling facility in the state of California.

Based in Chico, California, Springboard Biodiesel developed a small-scale “closed loop system” that converts used cooking oil to biodiesel fuel. The company currently manufactures and sells the leading line of standalone biodiesel processors, under the brand BioPro™. These processors resemble gas pumps but produce eco-friendly biodiesel for onsite use by customers such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Sara Lee, and the Culinary Institute of America. These companies use Springboard’s systems to turn used cooking oil into fuel for their own business use.

In keeping with the innovative spirit of the company, Springboard CEO Mark Roberts had the vision of expanding the business by designing and operating a larger pilot production and fueling facility to process fuel for sale to local businesses and customers.

Thursday was the official grand opening of that facility, which Morrison was proud to play a part in. Working in collaboration with Chabin Concepts, an economic development consulting firm, Morrison assisted Springboard Biodiesel with a grant application seeking funding through the California Energy Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program to support the facility. Springboard Biodiesel was awarded a $758,200 grant, and the California Energy Commission gave the application the highest score in its category.

We are proud to welcome Springboard’s newly expanded operations to Chico and wish them success in this new endeavor.

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Toni Scott is the managing principal at Morrison. To get in touch with Toni, please find contact information for Morrison here.


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