Strategy and investment recipe for global rock star status

Earlier this week, the LA Times published a story on the success of the California almond industry.

The story is available here, and cites some pretty impressive statistics about California almonds, including the fact that California produces 82% of the world’s almonds.

My favorite quote in the story comes from CDFA Secretary Karen Ross, who said: "It feels like almonds became rock stars overnight. But they've been building in bits and pieces for years. I look at almonds as a great case study because they were very strategic and willing to make long-term investments."

To me, the quote exemplifies what we at Morrison see with our clients in the almond industry, as well as a number of other industries.

So often, the success story of a company like Blue Diamond, Sunsweet, or Challenge Dairy Products starts with a strategy to do something different than the industry norm and then to invest into that strategy, sometimes for decades before the dream is realized. Becoming a global rock star isn’t instantaneous – it is a road that is paved with a continuous eye on innovation and an understanding that short-term pains can lead to long-term gains.

We’re lucky to work with so many clients who understand this and who are in different stages of their rockstar-dom. Some are 100 year old companies who are now experiencing the success their founders dreamed of; others are just beginning their journeys and are mapping out their strategy. It’s rewarding to help out these companies at whatever stage they are in and play a part in them rising to, or maintaining, rock star status.

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