The Bond of A Family

Recently, my high school son was tasked to write a creed (statement of shared beliefs) for his speech and debate class. He broke away from the crowd who focused on inspiration and perseverance and wrote his speech on the bond of a family. It read:

“I believe in the bond of a family,

The importance of unity,

The pure necessity of being there for one another,

The ability to read each other’s emotions,

The joy of spending time together,

The countless memories made,

The good times and the bad,

I believe that family does not have to be genetic,

I believe that family lasts forever,

I believe that family is essential to life”

In reading this, it made me think about how many hours a person spends at work and how work can become a second family. At work relationships develop, bonds are made, and a family can be formed. As he stated “family does not have to be genetic”.

A great working relationship is one where you form a bond, a unity, you are able to read each other’s emotions and build on each other’s strengths. You enjoy spending time together in the good times and the bad. And most of all, countless memories are made.

The last statement “family is essential to life” is very meaningful. To be successful in your work happiness plays a large role. If you enjoy what you do, you will do it better. In the same way, if you enjoy those around you, you will enjoy going to work.

One of the reasons I chose Morrison is the people. I enjoy them and I enjoy coming to work. We can have fun and laugh but can also get serious and push through the stressful times. I know when Toni hasn’t had her coffee or Brent is in need of a frozen yogurt. I know that they are here for me and that they care about me. They have become my second family.

Do you enjoy going to work? Do your work relationships feel like a second family? Or do you consider relationships when hiring? Do you hire based on ability alone or do you also consider the office unity? Take some time to think about your work family.


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