The Hogan: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Company?

Most everyone is familiar with personality assessments; maybe it's DiSC or MBTI or the Enneagram or any of the other seemingly hundreds of available options. At Morrison, we are big fans of personality assessments. We believe they provide keen insights that can inform decisions. While we see value in these assessment, we also realize that they only tell part of an individual's overall story; they should never be looked as the most important piece of a person or something that defines an individual.

While many assessments are good and valuable, Morrison has chosen to exclusively use the Hogan suite of assessments, specifically their three core personality assessments: Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). In the following brief description from Hogan, their assessments are able to tell three things:

1. What do people want? People's core motives, values, and unconscious biases affect all aspects of an individual's life - from what they find rewarding to their decision-making processes. Understanding employee values is key to creating an engaged and motivated workforce

2. How will people get what they want? Career success depends on personality as well as a number of other factors, including one's education, experience, and technical skills. Brightside (i.e., everyday) personality characteristics predict success in careers, relationships, education, and other aspects of one's life.

3. What will get in someone's way? When people stop self-monitoring, strengths can become weaknesses. The ambitious salesperson turns into a cutthroat competitor. The meticulous accountant turns into a nitpicking micromanager. If these "dark side" personality characteristics go unrecognized, they can derail one's career.

Morrison uses the Hogan assessment primarily when completing high level executive searches for our clients. Finding talented individuals with the right skills and experience is one thing; equally important is finding someone that will fit with the organization's culture, focus, and motivating goals. We always emphasize that the personality assessments are predictive and not prescriptive. Again, the results tell only part of the story, but it is often a very important part of an individual's story and their potential fit with a company.

All Hogan assessments are practical, highly valid, and built on years of research and experience. In addition to being used for recruiting purposes, they can also be used for talent development and coaching. At Morrison, we love the Hogan. We believe in the Hogan. We find the Hogan to be incredibly useful and beneficial for our clients. If we can provide any assistance with the Hogan and/or other people solutions, please contact Manager, Jeff Boian; he would be happy to come alongside you and your organization and provide support and advising to help identify new talent for your organization and/or develop your current talent.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jeff Boian is a manager at Morrison working primarily in our People Solutions practice. To get in touch with Jeff, reach out to him by email at or by phone at (530) 809-4679.


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