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No organization is without challenges. That’s no secret, but what can be a puzzle is how best to master them.

That question is the driving force behind our business. We can’t help with everything (yet), but we keenly focused on three challenging areas facing many organizations.

Business & Accounting Advisory (B&A): Morrison’s Business and Accounting Advisory Service team (B&A) has provided accounting and financial oversight assistance since 2002. This includes day-to-day accounting; preparation of financial reports for executive management and boards of directors; developing financial and cash flow projections; overseeing and assisting with preparation for financial audits; establishing and managing financial controls; and advising executive leadership on key finance and accounting issues, among other key services.

Whether it is an unexpected vacancy, ongoing assistance, or a critical project, Morrison can be an effective, cost efficient solution.  Our staff of professionals have served in many critical roles, including CEO, CFO, COO, Controller, Assistant Controller, Auditor, and many others. Among other things, our B&A team can help with:

  • Audit Preparation
  • Interim/Outsource Accounting & Finance Needs
  • Organizational Restructure and Finance Optimization
  • Budgets & Financial Planning, including Banking Relationships
  • Internal Controls & Compliance
  • Business Plans & Feasibility Studies

Furthermore, as we employ our team full-time rather than using independent contractors, and have a depth and breadth of experience across multiple team members, we can ensure that we have full availability to meet your needs. With our deep bench of experienced individuals, services would not be interrupted by turnover, vacation leave, etc., enabling us to provide you the stability you need.

If you are looking for qualified accounting and finance assistance, please ask how we might serve. 

People Solutions: The focus of Morrison’s People Solutions service line is in its name – People, the most critical component of any organization. While true, people can also pose an organization’s most significant challenges. It’s not simply a matter of having enough people in place, but having the right people in your organization doing the right thing(s) moving in the right direction.

This is where Morrison’s People Solutions team can help, with a focus on our three main People services: Executive Recruitment, Strategic Planning, and Organizational Development.

Since 2006, Morrison’s People Solutions service has successfully placed hundreds of high-level professionals including Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Directors, Managers, Controllers, and others. In addition to helping recruit critical talent, we also provide support to ensure organizations are strategically planning for a successful future. These strategic planning efforts can lead to identifying the need for improvements in workplace culture, leadership development, training, team building, and change management. These all fall under the umbrella of organizational development.

While known for these services in the Food, Agriculture, and Manufacturing industries, we also serve non-profits, colleges and universities, financial institutions, healthcare, municipalities, and others. Ultimately, if your organization has a people-related problem, we can likely provide a solution. 

Grants: Grants, like many government programs, can seem puzzling and contradictory. Morrison’s Grants team consists of six grant writing and administration specialists who identify and assess federal and state grant programs to advise potential applicants as to their eligibility and likely competiveness. Those include programs available through USDA, California Department of Food and Agriculture and other state agricultural departments, U.S. Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, and many others.

Morrison serves clients around the nation with strategic grant guidance and outstanding writing to deliver competitive applications that align with both the granting agency’s priorities and our client’s operational goals. Leveraging the expertise of our in-house B&A advisory team, Morrison is also able to prepare any required financial projections, business plans, and feasibility studies, such as for the Value-Added Producer Grant and the Fertilizer Production Expansion Program. This capability has contributed to our 90+ percent success rates in those programs. Altogether, the Morrison grants team has worked with approximately 50 different grant programs since 2002, submitting nearly 400 grant applications resulting in over $250 million in funding.

Morrison can also support clients beyond the application stage with grant administration services to ensure accurate and timely submission of reimbursement requests, progress reports, and sub-recipient payments. In some cases, our administrative fees can be written into the grant proposal.

We have been honored and blessed to serve hundreds of clients across the nation.  If we might be able to help or if you have any questions, please let us know at or (530) 893-4764.


We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients on a broad range of projects and are happy to discuss solutions that can best fit your needs.

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