OGALS releases Round 4 of the Statewide Park Program

The Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) is now accepting applications for a fourth round of the Statewide Park Program (SPP) with funding levels ranging from $200,000 to $8,500,000. There is $395 million available for this program under the fourth and final round under Prop 68 SPP. Applications this round are due December 14, 2020.

What is the Statewide Park Program?

The SPP will create new parks and recreation opportunities in underserved communities across California. The first two rounds were originally funded under Prop 84 (2006 Bond Act) and over one hundred new parks were created and twenty existing parks were improved throughout California. Prop 68 (2018 Bond Act) continues this program’s legacy and is supporting the fourth and final round of funding under Prop 68.

Who is eligible to apply for SPP?

Cities, Counties, Districts (as defined on page 71 of the Application Guide below), Joint Powers Authorities (one member of the Joint Powers Authority must be an eligible District, City, or County), Non-Profits with 501(c)(3) status.

What types of projects are eligible?

A project must involve either development or a combination of acquisition and development to:

  1. Create a new park, or
  2. Expand an existing park, or
  3. Renovate an existing park

All projects must create or renovate at least one recreation feature. Examples of recreation features include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Acquisition of land: Combined with development of a new recreation feature or already has a recreation feature for public use at close of escrow
  • Aquatic center, swimming pool, splash pad, fishing pier, or paddling launch site
  • Amphitheater/performing arts dance, music, and theater stage
  • Athletic Fields
  • Community gardens, botanical or demonstration gardens or orchards
  • Community/Recreation center (only if it will be in or adjacent to a park)
  • Dog Park
  • Jogging and walking loop, par course, running track
  • Non-motorized trail, pedestrian/bicycle bridge, greenbelt/linear park
  • Outdoor gym exercise equipment
  • Open space and natural area for public recreation use
  • Picnic/Bar-B-Que areas
  • Playground and tot lot
  • Plaza, Zocalo, Gazebo
  • Public art (mosaic tile, sculptures, murals)
  • Skate park, skating rink, and BMX or pump track (non-motorized bike tracks)
  • Lighting to allow for extended night time use of a recreation feature
  • Shade structure/covered park areas over a recreation feature to allow for extended day time use.

A project may also include a Major Support Amenity such as:

  • Restroom building, snack shack
  • Parking lot, staging area, pathway for access to a recreation feature
  • Landscaping or lighting that will be constructed throughout the park

Applications only for Major Support Amenities are ineligible.

What are the funding levels?

The funding levels range from $200,000-$8,500,000 per application. Each park requires a separate application.  

Is there a match requirement?

No match required.

When is the deadline?

Applications must be submitted online by or before December 14, 2020. Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

The Final Application Guide can be found here

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