Toni Scott Published in High Plains Journal Magazine

Morrison’s Managing Principal, Toni Scott, was recently published in High Plains Journal Magazine. Her article “How to successfully administer ag grants and set your business up for future success” provides input on effectively managing federal and state grant dollars.

“…managing federal and state grant dollars on top of normal business operations can be daunting. Most grants are reimbursement-based, which means you must make the cash outlay for expenses before the granting agency reimburses you. This typically requires invoices and proof of payments to be submitted. Tracking and monitoring that process is key to ensuring smooth business operations but doing so isn’t always easy...”

The full article can be found in the January 2022 print edition of High Plains Journal. 

About the Author

Toni Scott is the Managing Principal at Morrison. To get in touch with Toni, please find contact information for Morrison here.


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