Grant opportunity to fund risk management edu and training

The USDA Risk Management Agency is anticipating opening their Risk Management Education and Outreach Partnerships Program this spring, with at least $3 million available to provide training and education to agricultural producers on a broad range of risk management topics.

This federal grant program has traditionally announced funding availability in the spring, and RMA staff have indicated that the 2013 program will open as soon as late March or early April. Applications have typically been due within 30 to 60 days of the program announcement.

The RMA program awards funding to organizations and entities seeking to provide training and education directly to farmers and ranchers. Eligible applicants include commodity organizations, trade associations, cooperatives, universities, private businesses, and any group representing agricultural producers.

In past years, the grant awards have ranged from $20,000 to $99,000 to provide risk management training and education on a variety of topics including legal or succession planning, good farming practices, marketing strategies, farm safety, food safety, farm management strategies, farm products branding, farmers markets, erosion control measures, farm labor, and irrigation. Multiple projects from one applicant can be awarded. There is no requirement for matching funds, nor are points awarded for matching funds. Most crops and livestock are eligible; please check with us. The 2012 program focus areas and full eligibility information is available here.

Past successful projects include:

  • Assisting producers with training and education to facilitate increased agritourism.
  • Record-keeping, QuickBooks, and financial management training for dairy producers.
  • Food safety and farm safety training.
  • Production management and marketing education for California winegrape growers.
  • Training on developing and implementing farm succession plans.
  • Providing one-on-one technical training for farmers.
  • Sharing tax management strategies with specialty crop producers.
  • Helping fruit and vegetable growers increase wholesale sales through training and a "Meet the Buyers" reception.

Morrison has worked this program for several years, resulting in 11 successful projects, totaling more than $700,000 in funding. We have a 100% track record with the RME program and can assist your organization in developing a successful grant application and implementing your risk management education program.

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