Why Morrison Loves That We Are Headquartered Out Of Chico

One of the things that I love most about working at Morrison is having relationships that span the entire nation. In any given day, we can chat about someone in the Napa Valley, the Midwest, or the South. It’s great to hear the diversity of their businesses by region, but also, these relationships give me perspective on why I love that Morrison is headquartered in Chico. Hearing about snowstorms in May, humidity of 75%, bumper to bumper commuter traffic, and a lack of fresh avocados in the grocery stores has a way of making one grateful for a five minute commute and the closest Starbucks being around the corner, rather than 90 minutes away.

Everyone has pros and cons of where they live and work, but here’s my top ten list of why we love that we headquartered out of Chico:

1. The proximity and diversity of agriculture – Chico is a place where you can drive five minutes one way and be in almond orchard, ten minutes another and see rice fields being harvested, or 15 another direction and see prune trees flowering. And being so close to great farmers and ranchers that live and work here too, makes for a great community!

2. Bidwell Park – This is mere minutes from our office. Bidwell Park is more than 3,600 acres of nature, right at our doorstep.

3. Fall – I grew up in the middle of a national park of Redwood Trees. It was green all year round, which was nice, but the scenery never changed. Here, the trees light up vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows, creating a wonderful masterpiece to take in this time of year.

4. Small Town Charm – Chico is a small enough town, that you usually bump into someone you know for any errand you run. Plus side – My barista knows how I like me coffee. Downside – Running into clients after a hot, sweaty, July run.

5. We Never Have to Shovel Our Driveways – Living in Boston for a year made me homesick for mornings that didn’t start with shovels, slipping on ice, and salt.

6. Chico State – Being in a university town means there are great events and speakers every week, a talented crop of talent coming out every year for local jobs, and pizza places that are open past midnight – really helpful when you’re pulling an all-nighter on a grant application!

7. Sierra Nevada – We’re the home of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company which means we’re often the first to get a taste of Summerfest when it’s released, and we can have beer cheese and pretzels any day we want!

8. Farmers Markets Abound – Every week of the year, there’s a farmers market offering local honey, fresh flowers, pluots, olive oil, and just about anything that grows on a tree or in the ground!

9. Downtown – Downtown Chico is full of great bakeries, coffee houses, restaurants, and retail, with your Christmas shopping completed in a single afternoon of leisure. And free parking on the weekends!

10. We get to share our hometown with lots of great businesses – Sierra Nevada isn’t the only one. ChicoBag, California Olive Ranch, Fifth Sun, Springboard Biodiesel, and Mooney Farms are just a few of the great local businesses that call Chico home too. We are surrounded by such talent and success that it’s hard not to be inspired!

What about you? What are top ten reasons for loving where your company is headquartered? And if you can’t think of ten – Chico’s a great place to do business and raise a family!

About the Author
Toni Scott is the managing principal at Morrison. To get in touch with Toni, please find contact information for Morrison here.


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