Your Office Says More Than You Realize

When I went to college and moved out of my parent’s house, I remember the first thing I did was paint the bedroom walls in my new home. I think it made me feel a sense of ownership over my room. I wanted what was within those four walls to be a representation of me. It was where I started and ended my day, where I spent countless hours reading, writing and studying. I needed it to be a place that was comfortable and a place I enjoyed being.

That seems to apply to a workspace as well. Whether you have your own office or just a desk, make that space your own. I recently started at Morrison and am still in the process of making my office an environment where I can be most productive. I have a few trinkets on my desk, a picture hanging, a desktop photo of my puppy, and each day I enjoy my morning coffee in a mug I bring from home. I set a routine of getting to work and immediately opening up the blinds and putting on a Spotify playlist that best fits my mood for that day.

I have organized my desk drawers to contain the essential office supplies and have a notebook easily accessible for jotting down important information. Oh, and I have an obsession with sticky notes and often times have multiple stuck to my desktop of daily reminders or words of inspiration. My office still needs a lot of TLC – like moving my desk 180 degrees for a different view out the window, but little things like that that can change the entire feel of a space.

There is something about adding a personal touch to your desk that really creates an environment of productivity. Not only that, but the painting you have hanging on your wall may bring about a new topic of conversation between you and a colleague! So, whether it is a picture of family or a small memento from your favorite vacation, I encourage you to make your space your own. Move your furniture around, buy a new chair for your desk or put a plant in the window. If you spend most of you time in that place, make it a place you want to be.

+Janae Prentice is a consultant with Morrison, providing business valuations, business planning (including budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and strategic planning), feasibility studies, interim controller services, recruitment, competitive grant writing and special projects that don't fit into any conventional category.You can contact Janae directly at jprentice@morrisonco.netor via telephone at 530-809-4673.

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