$18.5 Million Available for Youth Community Access Projects

As part of California’s Youth Community Access Grant Program approximately $18.5 million is available for competitive grants to support youth access to natural or cultural resources with a focus on low-income and disadvantaged communities. The grants may include, but are not limited to, community education and recreational amenities to support youth substance use prevention and early intervention. The maximum award for an individual project is $500,000. The deadline to apply is August 14th, 2024.

Who are eligible applicants for this program?

Eligible applicants include local, state, and federal agencies; nonprofit organizations; and federally recognized Native American tribes.

What projects are eligible for this program? 

Eligible projects must serve youth and directly support access to either natural or cultural resources AND meet the criteria for both low-income AND disadvantaged (not one or the other) communities. At least 80 percent of the youth participants must meet the criteria for low-income and underserved and vulnerable communities, as detailed in the Grant Program Guidelines. If the project is a development project, 80 percent or more of the project’s footprint must be located in a low-income community.

What are the project requirements?

To be eligible for funding, projects must meet ALL the following program requirements:

  • Projects must serve youth. For the purposes of this program, youth is defined as a person between the ages of birth and 26 years old.
  • Projects must directly support youth access to either natural or cultural resources.
  • Projects must include design features and program elements to promote youth health, safety, well-being, and comfort.

What are the funding priorities?

Projects containing one or more of the following elements will be given priority consideration in funding decisions:

  • Projects in which youth participate in project planning, decision making, facilitation, and evaluation.
  • Projects in which youth participate in outreach and awareness campaigns.
  • Projects that empower youth to make healthy choices.

What are examples of eligible projects?

  • Youth-led outdoor skills workshops and classes for younger youth.
  • Camp excursions that combine outdoor fun with support group activities for at-risk youth.
  • Field trips to local, state, or national parks and outdoor areas in California and provide opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, environmental education, etc.
  • Acquire a clean vehicle to take youth hiking, camping, to archeological sites, etc.
  • Acquire a clean vehicle to take youth on eligible outdoor excursions along with educational programming to support/enhance the excursions.
  • Youth interns, with adult guidance, design, and construct trailheads in a low-income community for use by youth and their families.
  • Farming program to educate and provide job training in an outdoor environment with programming that addresses healthy choices.
  • Educational programs that combine classroom instruction with excursions to access natural and/or cultural resources.
  • Programs that teach youth about their history, culture, and language with trips to various culturally important sites in California to enhance the teachings.
  • Workforce development programs that integrate new environments, healthy choices, and skills to advance careers relating to natural or cultural resources.
  • ADA improvements to increase youth accessibility to natural and/or cultural resources.

Is cost share required?

There is no cost share requirement.

What is the project and award timeline?  

Applications are due August 14, 2024 by 5:00pm Pacific Time.
The grant term is expected to begin Fall 2025 and ends March 2027.

The full Grant Program Guidelines can be found here.

For more information on this grant or how to apply with Morrison’s assistance, please contact the Morrison Grants Team by email at grants@morrisonco.net or call us at 530-893-4764.


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