Celebrating 100 years of serving California farmers and ranchers in 2019, the California Farm Bureau Federation sought to review their mission statement and develop a detailed and well-constructed strategy to help usher in their second century.


Using a number of diagnostic tools, Morrison gathered valuable information to assist key leadership in their strategic planning and decision making. Morrison then facilitated a one-day retreat where key leaders in the organization leveraged that information to review and refine the organization’s mission, create a simple and easily understood purpose statement and a defined set of core values.


This revamped and simplified mission provided a foundation for a follow-up two-day strategy development process, facilitated by Morrison. Over the course of several days, the leadership of CFBF developed a number of strategies core to their purpose and values that CFBF personnel then cascaded through the organization.

About the client

California Farm Bureau Federation is a nonprofit organization of farmers and ranchers consisting of county Farm Bureaus from nearly every county in California, established in 1919 to work for the betterment of family farmers and ranchers in California. CFBF is deeply committed to its mission of improving the well-being and quality of life for California farmers and ranchers through advocacy, ongoing outreach, and economic services and products for those involved in agricultural production.


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