Omega Walnut was faced with replacing its CEO for the second time in just over a year when their recently hired CEO left unexpectedly due to unforeseen personal circumstances. While part of the challenge was to find someone who could continue to build and maintain the right team following the loss of the CEO and other key personnel, Omega’s extraordinary commitment to product quality, its growers, and its buyers called for someone with a solid history in all three.


Omega contacted Morrison to recruit a CEO to meet their specific needs and long-term goals. Through Morrison’s network of relationships and contacts, they reached out to several people including a top candidate who is well known in the West Coast nut marketing and processing industry, bringing extensive experience and leadership in the industry. In addition to being highly qualified and a good cultural fit, this candidate was known to Morrison and had already been through much of their screening process. Morrison was able to provide Omega with the interview analysis and help schedule an in-person interview at their facility.


Today, the new CEO is successfully leading the charge in continuing to grow and expand Omega’s business. He has developed great relationships with the board, growers, customers and the employees and is effectively and strategically planning for operational excellence and business growth.

About the client

Omega Walnut, Inc., is a premier grower-owned walnut marketer in the Northern Sacramento Valley that processes top quality walnuts at their state-of-the-art facility in Glenn County, California. The company was established to maximize growers’ returns by providing consistent top quality to buyers and to secure profitable long-term dependable markets for the rapidly expanding California walnut industry. As quality starts with the walnuts, Omega’s growers are chosen for their commitment to excellence. From there, the company fosters and maintains that quality at its recently constructed facility featuring a fully automated packing line, laser sorting and grading technologies, mechanical carton stacking and shrink wrapping, real-time printing capabilities for in-shell and shelled product, real-time vacuum packing, onsite cold storage, and other capabilities. Additionally, Omega is SQF Certified with an excellent rating and is Kosher certified, HALAL certified, Organic certified, and registered with the FDA, helping to guarantee their customers the best quality products.

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