1. Morrison (MC) does not recruit personnel from any business with which we've done substantive business (over $25,000 in billings) in the previous year. This excludes professional services firms such as CPA and law firms with over 10 employees.
  2. Email and other notifications of career opportunities that may be sent to employees of Morrison clients are done only for the purpose of requesting referrals to possible eligible applicants.  All recipients should feel free to forward Morrison’s career announcements to contacts who may be interested in the position(s) described.
  3. In the event a recruitment client is independently contacted by, or referred to, a candidate we can't recruit in accordance with #1 above, we will continue our services but cannot assist in any way with the vetting or recruitment of that candidate.
  4. Conversations with candidates will be relayed to our client but no contact of the candidate's current employer or the references provided will be made without the permission of the candidate.


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